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The Books listed on the front page of this site are not the only ones that I am currently working on. Presently, I have - in various stages of development - four additional books not listed. To give a glimpse of what these additional stories are, I've provided the titles, but nothing else. (Some of these are pretty good story ideas and I don't want to tip my hand.) Here are all of the books present and future thus far:
__________________________________________________________________ Paradox.

1. The GOD Principle.
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2. The GOD Principle II: The Rise of the Nephilim.
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3. The GOD Principle III: Retribution.
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4. The GOD Principle IV: The Secrets of the Arba.
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5. Paradox. Coming 2014

6. A Change of Course!

7. The Power.

8. The GOD Principle V: Perdition. Coming 2014

9. For a Basket of Strawberries.


A series is a good thing; people can get used to certain characters and like to see where they go and how their lives pan out, but "Variety is the spice of life." as they say so I have another story that I would like to share with you. Since this book largely already written and simply needs to be edited and cleaned up, I will be releasing it fairly soon.

As always I covet your feedback, so let me know. Paradox is something new that I got an idea for while writing The GOD Principle. I wondered what it would have been like for people from the 21st Century to have had to deal with the Watchers and the Nephilim. Little by little I squirrled away ideas which have become this Science Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure novel.

It is nothing more than just good, fun, escapists fare which I hope you'll enjoy reading when it comes out this Spring on Amazon Kindle.

Thanks for stopping by and for reading.

M. L. Wilson
March, 2014.

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