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Maddie Cover"The GOD Principle" books I have written in years past will eventually return after I have done the necessary rewrites.

In the meantime, I have written a series called "MADDIE." It is a new and interesting look at reincarnation. I take a lighthearted approach in this effort which (hopefully) most will find amusing.

MADDIE is a seven-year-old girl who used to be a fifty-two-year-old man in his previous life. After his murder, he is reborn into an entirely new world, and set of circumstances.

On Sale Now at Amazon! Click the cover image to go to the site. Available in E-book, Paperback and Hardback.

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Book IV Review.  

The GOD Principle is a novel which takes place in what is called the Antediluvian period of earth’s history. Biblically, this antediluvian period refers to the time before the great flood as outlined in Genesis chapters 6 – 8. Little is known about this period of time as the Bible does not delve that deeply into the period, the people, the culture—this era remains a mystery for most people. For Christians and others of faith, this period of time is either dismissed as fantasy, alegory, or viewed as simply a part of history for one small group of people.

Archeologists have long believed a flood did take place in this region, but that it was a localized flood (Most likely the Mediterranean Sea overflowing as a result of the Strait of Gibraltar being stopped up by debris or simply plate tectonics.) For the purposes of this novel series, I hold to the position the Great Flood was global and was a singularly unique phenomena which transformed the entire globe; altering it into the familiar topography we have today.

There are some familiar names in The GOD Principle novel series along with some new characters the reader will come to know. Along the way there are some perspectives on modern church orthodoxy that will be explored and a spiritual realm presented few may have contemplated. The GOD Principle is a series which will entertain, but also give one pause. If you think you know the origins of mankind, think again…

Book IV Review.  

* * *

The GOD Principle Book IThe  first  installment  of  this  exciting  thriller begins with Dr. Robert Lawler, a professor of theology, and his  one-time  protégée,  Ron  Freeman,  trapped in a medieval-era   dungeon   somewhere  in  present  day Eastern Europe.   The  two  men awaken after having endured a beating at  the hands  of their captors, men who have pledged an  allegiance to  a shadowy group known only as the Arba. Though early in the evening, it is already growing colder in  their dank cell; the late fall having already brought the first snow. Freeman is certain   they   will   not  survive  the  night  and  after rousing Lawler, he implores the older man to explain to  him  the  reasons  they have  been  abducted  and beaten.   Lawler,  who  had been resistant to disclose the  truth  behind  what  has  transpired, finally relents and  begins  to  recount   a story so fantastic, the few who  have  been  privileged  to have heard it over the millennia have scarcely believed it to be true.

Thus  begins  the  epic saga  of  The GOD Principle. Lawler must begin his explanation to Ron by reaching back  into  the  history  of  the  earth; back before the creation  of Adam and Eve; back to a time before the world we know ever existed. From there, Lawler describes the creation of the world and of the beings charged with its formation out of the raw materials provided by God Most High.

The fantastic tale Lawler has told turns out to only be the beginning. As Ron attempts to digest the identity of the true creators of the temporal realm he lives in, Lawler introduces him to even more wonders: Ron learns of the Watchers; a caste of angelic beings who have left their appointed station in the spiritual realm to come to earth in order to create their own race. This leads to the birth of the Nephilim.

* * *

The Rise of the Nephilim.The second  book opens fifty years after the first of the  tales told  by  Dr. Lawler  end. The two men are still  confined  to  the  dank  cell  as the  night crawls on,  getting  colder  by the minute. Despite the harsh circumstances they find themselves in, Ron finds the story  is  giving  him  the  strength to endure. Lawler also notices  his improvement  and continues the tale while Ron listens in rapt attention.

The   Nephilim   are  now  adults  and   have  begun to  subjugate  the  earth.  Like  powerful  adolescent children,  these  hybrid  creatures run over the earth, bringing terror wherever they go. The tiny village of Darom, where the leader of the Watchers first made contact  with  The  Chosen Ones,  has now become the  home  of  the horrific brothers named Hiwa and Hiya,  Nephilim  offspring  of the Watcher Samyaza, who  have  prodigious  appetites  of  all types. Their nearest cousin, a Nephilim named Darmon, is at first a  stalwart  ally  of  the  sons  of  Samyaza.  But  the brother’s  ambitions  do  not  include  Darmon  and soon  it  becomes  apparent the  prophecy made by Enoch  is  a  certainty;  the  Nephilim  will  slay  one another before the end.

Along  the  way  is  the  story  of  Ord  the  shepherd  who  is  caught  up in the tumult of the Watchers  and  their  offspring, his attempt to save his peaceful village and keep the hearts of his  fellow  man  focused  on   The  Most   High   God.    This  is  complicated  when  Ord’s granddaughter,  Tiamah  is  kidnapped by the Nephilim and taken off by them. Ord must risk his life to retrieve her, entering the dark realm of Samyaza to do so.

This  second  installment  ends  with a twist which is right out of the Bible and is certain to be just as controversial. Lawler and Ron remain captive still and as the dawn begins to break, the older man continues his tale.

* * *

Over  five  hundred  years  have  passed since the beginning of the tale. The Nephilim have all grown into  mature,  measured creatures—the "Heroes of old,  the  mighty men of renown".  While the long, cold  night  in  the  Eastern  European  dungeon  is quickly coming to a close, there is still more of the tale to tell. Lawler continues to introduce Ron to a grown  Noah,  his  family  and the village of Urartu where they fled hundreds of years earlier to escape the Nephilim.

With  Enoch’s  prophecy not far from any of their thoughts,   the  Nephilim—specifically  Hiwa—are still  more  intent  than   ever  to  make  certain  the prophet  is  proven  wrong.    The Nephilim  plans another assault on the  Chosen Ones after they are finally in the far off, sleepy village of Urartu.

At that same time, another set of visitors from the past  suddenly  show  up  in  Urartu  to an uneven reception,   but  it  is  a  reunion  with  far  ranging consequences.   Noah  and  his  sons  must  make decisions  and  confront  prejudices none believed they possessed, much less forced to confront.

The climactic conclusion of the tale is one truly written in the annals of history, but told here in a way unlike any recounted before. Thus ends one part of the saga of The GOD Principle only to open the door for the other half.

Just as Lawler concludes the tale, the cell door opens and six men dressed in black robes with hoods concealing their faces enter. What happens next? Stand by…

* * *
* * *

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